Picture Frame Glass Options

Quality Picture Framing is dedicated to using only the highest quality
picture frame glass on our frames. We truly value our customers so we
want them to be more than satisfied with the glass protecting their artwork.
We have many different options of glass to choose from. We guarantee you will
be more than happy with our glass options and we guarantee you won’t find glass
like this on any store-bought picture frames. We use anti-reflective conservation
grade glass, conservation grade UV protection glass, plexi glass and premium clear
glass. Our many glass options ensure that your prized art and photographs are
properly protected and 100% visible under any lighting. Our picture frame glass
protects against fading and discoloration while enhancing the color and vibrancy of
your work. Don’t settle for below-average glass!
Anti-Reflective Conservation Grade Glass– This type of glass is great for
pictures and artwork being hung in areas that receive a lot of light. Anti-reflective
glass blocks UV rays and has a no-glare effect. 
UV Protection Glass– This glass offers the highest level of UV protection. UV
protection glass protects against 99% of UV rays. Exposure to artificial light and
sunlight can cause artwork and photos to fade and deteriorate over time. This 
special glass is guaranteed to protect your artwork and pictures.
Plexi Glass– This is a fantastic option when you are doing over-sized framing or
framing expensive and prized pieces. Plexi glass doesn’t break or shatter so it
won’t damage the artwork underneath.
Premium Clear Glass– We only use the highest quality glass for all of our framing
jobs. Premium clear glass is the standard for all of our picture frames when your
work doesn’t require anti-reflective or UV protection glass.

We have the best picture frame glass options available!