Canvas Stretching and Gallery Wraps

Canvas stretching is necessary for preserving your work and preparing
it for custom or pre-made framing. With over 18 years of experience
in the picture framing industry, Quality Picture Framing offers high-quality
canvas stretching. In this process the canvas is laid over a stretcher bar frame,
pulled tightly and adhered to the back. We have a large variety of stretcher bars that you
can choose from. The larger the canvas, the wider the frame must be, the stretcher bar
must support the canvas without bowing. Larger canvases are more aesthetically pleasing on
thicker frames and smaller canvases are more appealing on thinner frames. There
must be a border around your canvas in order to stretch it properly without losing
the border of your artwork, unless you are looking for a gallery wrap. With a gallery wrap
the artwork extends out on the sides and the remaining canvas border is adhered to
the back. Once the canvas stretching / gallery wrap process is done our highly-qualified
staff will assist you in creating the perfect custom frame for your beloved artwork. 

Quality Picture Framing prides itself on offering only the most high-tech and high quality
methods for canvas stretching and gallery wraps. We want our customers to be more than
satisfied with their finished piece so we do everything in our power to make sure that they
are happy and that their needs are met. Don’t settle for less than stellar work, choose Quality
Picture Framing every time for your canvas stretching needs!