Dry Mounting

Quality Picture Framing uses only the finest techniques to preserve your artwork and photos.
Dry Mounting is a permanent process where your art or pictures are adhered to foam/mounting
board using pressure and heat. We use heat-activated mounting board for our dry mounting but other
materials can be used as well for different applications. In this process our heat-activated mounting
board is adhered to your pictures or artwork using our dry mount machine. This process is great because
it flattens your artwork, preparing it for high-quality framing! If you have precious artwork that is rolled up
or crumpled or just won’t lay flat, dry mounting is the perfect process for you! This special process does not damage
your artwork, it simply flattens and presses it to foam or mounting board so it can lay flat beneath one of our
custom or ready-made picture frames! The experts at QPF have been dry mounting for over a decade so you
know your artwork is safe and protected in their hands! Here at QPF we use only the latest technology
 because we want to preserve and extend the life of your prized piece. 

We understand that there is a lot of competition out there, which is why we always try to separate ourselves
from the rest by offering only the newest techniques and materials for all of our services. You can’t beat the skill
and the craftsmanship at Quality Picture Framing! Choose QPF today for your dry mounting needs!